New Game Feed For Ex-Mochi Games on FlashGameDistribution

If you run a Flash game portal and you were hosting games from MochiMedia, or running MochiAds or Live Updates, then you are probably looking for a way to replace those games. Good news! You can easily find working versions, or replacements of these games on

FGD has a dedicated feed for portal owners who are looking to replace their Mochi games. You can access this feed at FGD’s feed page. Here you can access the whole database of games we have on our system, currently weighing in at 26,000+ games. And you can tailor your feed as you see fit, either targeting ex-mochi games specifically, recent games, top games, or even get a feed of our entire database. If you have an account on FGL, just login with the same credentials, if you don’t, register on FGL and you’ll be able to login to FGD and access the feed.

The easiest way to add our games to your website is to use our php feed. Including your desired php feed will allow you to add the list of games into an array directly into the variable $fgd_games. Putting the following line (below) in your php script will allow you to embed the games directly into your page, and then you can do whatever you want with the included array (like adding your games to your database!).


If you have any troubles, feel free to leave us feedback, or add a post in our FGD forums.

If you are looking for high scores and achievements check out GamerSafe and our Data Bridge. With the Mochi API now gone, many users of their Flash APIs have been signing up for GamerSafe. The GamerSafe Data Bridge allows games that integrate our GamerSafe scoreboards and achievements to pass that player activity data to your portals. You can find out more about how the Data Bridge works on the GamerSafe website. Please contact Steve ( if you have any questions about GamerSafe or the Data Bridge.

Also, if you register your portal with GamerSafe we share 10% of the gross earnings of all in-game purchases on your portal.

Also remember, if you are interested in mobile, we have a number of great offerings:

- Mobile Platform – FGL can help you find and publish native game apps to multiple app marketplaces. We also help you monetize by providing tools for handling cross promotion, ads, and much more. If you are interested in our Mobile Platform please contact Adam (

- HTML5 games – FGL has been receiving hundreds of HTML5 games over the last few months. If you are interested in licensing HTML5 games please contact Matt (

- HTML5 Portal in a Box – If you run a portal, the chances are that you are getting traffic from mobile devices. FGL has an easy solution for engaging and monetizing that mobile traffic. We are currently looking to work with a few interested portals for early access into this system. If you are interested, please contact Chris (

Sadly, MochiMedia is winding down, but we’re here to help affected developers.

Undoubtedly, most of you have heard the news that MochiMedia is closing down on March 31st 2014. We’re all sad to see them go, they’ve had a great impact on the community and most of us at FGL used Mochibot and Mochiads in games we developed, and both Adam and Chris remember fondly the day when the creation of FGL was announced in the Mochi forums. We wish them all the best of luck.

On a more positive note, after chatting with the Mochi team about the situation in order to see how best we can help with the unfortunate situation we decided to write up an easy “how to” guide on transitioning from Mochi services you have relied on to comparable FGL services.

Ads and Analytics for Flash

If your game uses our GamerSafe service, then let us know and we can immediately get ads running in your game, without any work on your end.

If your game does not have GamerSafe implemented, FGL has its own Flash in-game Ad service, cleverly called FGLAds. It’s a service that aims to provide all your advertising and analytics needs for Flash web games. FGLAds provides you with an extremely easy way to implement ads into your game.

  1. First, make sure you have an account on
  2. Head over to the Ad token page, and create a token with any name you want
  3. Once you have done that, paste the snippet of code in your game and you’re done!

Any stats on your games will be reported at

Right now, ads will always show, but in the near future we are going to provide this service as an analytics-only service too, so you can use it as you might have with MochiBot in the past.

A few useful links to get started:


Leaderboards, Microtransations, and More for Flash Games

For those of you who may have been using Mochi for things like leader boards, you will find our Gamersafe solution to be useful.  Gamersafe has been around for more than 5 years and makes it easy for developers to implement highscores, microtransations, achievements, social sharing, and level hosting for games. GamerSafe has over 2 million registered gamers and we’ve got a large directory of games that already uses our services that you can check out, like Berzerk Ball 2, Swordless Ninja, Async Racing, Mechanical Commando, etc.

A few useful links to get you started:


Mobile Game Monetisation and Distribution

While this isn’t something that Mochi was offering, it’s something that a lot of developers are asking about. The Mobile Platform we offer has a huge range of features available for developers who are venturing into the Mobile universe. We offer

  • Wide distribution to a large range mobile marketplaces (android, iOS, nook, etc)
  • Ads on mobile
  • Cross-promotion of games on mobile
  • APIS to plug into proprietary systems like leaderboards, achievements, etc.

We are currently still in limited sign up, so if you want to find out more about the Mobile Platform, email Adam at!

If you have any questions about transitioning from Mochi products, or questions in general, please feel free to either ask questions on our forum, or email us at, or send us some feedback.


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Guest post: Think About Money

BB McKinsey – business consultant to the game industry.

With such a positive response yesterday, I wanted to do another quick follow-up post.

Think about money… I do
The subject of this article is a bit general. It’s about Indie Developers and their lack of respect and their lack of desire towards monetizing their games. They sit and think for hours about gameplay and what is enjoyable about the game, but they don’t spend the proper amount of time thinking about how they are going to turn this thing into a means of buying their new yacht.

I’m not a totally emotionless person. I’m moved to tears every time I get my six-figure bonus. I swoon when I assist in modifying a game so that it has paywalls high and thick enough to force players to dig deep into their pockets if they want to experience any real game play. And so, I decided to tap into my emotions and think of things from the developer’s point of view. I imagined what it would be like to be careless of how I monetized a game… to wear anything but a tie and freshly pressed suit… to not shower but once a week… it was a deep, dark place I went to… but I did it. And what I came out with was… a song. Yes. Tapping into the hippie, careless, bohemian lifestyle of an indie developer actually drove me to musical inclinations. I shudder at it now. Oh, how I had to dig my way out of that dank hole. In the end I was left with two things. One, the song: the song which sprung from me as I was putting myself into the shoes of an Indie Developer. It can be accessed and heard below. And two, a re-affirmation that money is the sole purpose of making a game. Misguided developers still have a long way to go. And I hope, with my new understanding of them, to help show them the light.

Guest Post: In-app purchases

FGL is happy to announce a new guest post on our blog. This post is by business consultant BB McKinsey. Mr. McKinsey has a very unique perspective on the industry and, though it is NOT necessarily representative of what FGL thinks, we feel it is important to get many thoughts and opinions out there for everyone to discuss.

About BB McKinsey – Mr. McKinsey has over a decade of game industry business experience. He’s worked with the top game developers in the field, and is proud to have never been influenced by they’re creative and non-money-focused imaginations. His specialty is in making developers millions of dollars by reminding them of the core purpose of game design: making money. His current focus is on Indie Games and Indie Game Developers.

BB McKinsey – business consultant to the game industry.

I was thinking the other day that the problem with the internet is that there’s not enough me on it. I pondered for a while on how to solve that problem and it hit me. I need to put more of me on it. So here I am.

My first Article will be on a subject very dear to me: In-app purchases.

In-app purchases
There’s been a lot of debate lately over in-app purchases. Should developers use them? If so, how should they put them into their games? Are they ethical?

Here’s my advice: when used a certain way, in-app purchases are a vaccuum whose hose you can put directly into your user’s wallet. And as such, I approve of them heartily. Of course, there are ethical ways to use in-app purchases. But those won’t buy you a new sports car.

I mean, come on. Sure, there are developers who design their games in a way where they don’t have any psychological mind-raping tactics to suck money from their unsuspecting userbase as quickly as possible. I have an affectionate name for those developers. ‘Poor.’

You are never going to make $1million a day trying to convince people who have never played your pixelated piece of crap to fork over $1 based solely on screen shots and a description. And if you use some “responsible” form of the freemium model you will never be able to blood-let the pocketbooks of the less than 1% of addicted gamers that account for most of the spending in freemium games, who we commonly refer to as ‘whales.’

As indie developers you may think it more honorable to instead of making $1million to have 10 of you make $100,000, but that’s because you haven’t stopped programming “Kumbaya” long enough to consider how much a Rolex costs.

Yes, you could put a cap on the total monthly spending in your game. Perhaps reward users who meet that cap every month with some sort of reward. Yes, you could partner with other developers to cross promote your games so that – instead of running your game like an ever-starving black-hole who lives solely for arbitraging players – you help players find fun content while simultaneously contributing to the health of the indie community and movement. But why the hell would you do that? Tell this to any sensible business man, and they will laugh in your face. And you will have deserved it.

I often have arguments just like this with the FGL team. Which is why they kindly let me start guest posts here. They were sure the community would agree with them that my ideas have flaws, but I’m sure to prove them wrong.

Who’s with me?

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How to Get Your Game in the App Charts!!!

Part IV of 4 Part Blog Mini Series on Porting your Game to Mobile

There are several options for driving your app higher in the charts: paid marketing if you have the conversions and budget. Cross-promoted games that offer promotion to your games and from your games. There are a few good services out there for cross promoting. FGL has very strong relations to Nook and Amazon but the game has to be high quality. It’s been said that the best hour to publish a game on iOS is Thursday before 4PM. Last, anecdotally and certainly something not to be forgotten is keeping track of your game analytics! And remember, partnering up with a indie friendly publisher can ease your workload tremendously.



How to Market Your Game in the AppStore

Part III of 4 Part Blog Mini Series on Porting your Game to Mobile

An actual spider on the thumbnail for a game called “Spider”, and a spider with Spades on its back for “Spider Solitaire”. Both feature the same gameplay. Which one is clearer?

In most cases, a publisher will help to market your mobile game.  Game Title and Keywords are critical. Does your title contain a descriptive word people are searching for? The title and keywords you use will influence your game search ranking in the AppStores. Matched traffic is important but by far the most important asset to your game is the thumbnail! The thumbnail should attract player’s attention not only in the app store but on the player’s device once installed. Screenshots, Short Description, Reviews and Testing also drive revenue to your game.