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Over 7,000 publishers are on FGL looking to buy HTML5, Android, iOS, Unity and Flash games right now. Upload your game to our marketplace so they can find yours! Put your unreleased game up for bid, or sell your already-released game in our GameShop.

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Already published? Then it's time to distribute! We have helped distribute thousands of games across a variety of platforms. We have partnerships with some of the most influential companies in the industry. Let us help you distribute your Android, iOS, HTML5 or Flash game.

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Utilizing FGL's various APIs & services for web and mobile games, you'll gain access to some of the most lucrative monetization platforms available for indies. In-game ads, IAPs, cross pomotions & micro-transactions are just a few of our solutions.

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What people are saying about us

Having worked with FGL for over 4 years, one thing that's always struck me is how this company always works with both the developer's and publisher's best interests at heart.

Eugene Cheng, Flowplay

FGL guys are a basic component of our growth in the casual games market

Mauro, Code This Lab

I was working in a call center and I did games for my friends. I learned about FGL and the flash gaming industry, and six years later I have my game company, my own apartment, employees and I'm organizing a conference about games, I also have traveled the world and all this thanks to FGL!

Hernan Lopez, Epic Llama warchief

FGL has helped me sell my games and make a living as an indie flash game developer for years. I've since been able to move to sponsoring other developers' games and FGL is there to help me find the games I need. If you're a flash game developer you absolutely must be familiar with FGL's services in order to make the most of your business.

Rob Scherer, Helmet Games

FGL has been a life changer for me. It is where I discovered I can sell game and honed my skills as a game developer. Now that I transitioned to mobile with Pretentious Game and Rubpix, I still frequent FGL for the wonderful community and still to sell games.

Keybol, creator of Pretentious Game

In 6 years we've been using FGL we've raised about $100.000 in exclusive and primary sponsorships and we've sold tens of non-exclusive licenses. We guess it would have been impossible to get that without the help of FGL. Moreover we have met a lot of people we've later done business with.


FGL has truly turned my life around. Being a part-time game developer, at first I struggled to negotiate with sponsors to have my games bought. Being new to this market was really confusing and time consuming. It was FGL's ground-breaking initiative and guidance that helped me not only get my games known and get more players, they helped me negotiate and solidify good contracts with major gaming sites.

Igor, Pozirk Games