Stats Temporarily Offline

We apologize, but public stats have been taken down temporarily until we can resolve some technical and workflow issues. Over the past 18 months, millions of dollars have gone unaccounted-for on our charts because the money wasn't earned via our automated bidding service, but rather through our EasyLicense sales partners. This made the graphs more and more misleading, until eventually they were doing more harm than good..

The problem with our stats is that they only reported on-site sales, but FGL now interacts with many dozens of different payment systems, and they usually don't report earnings in a way that's useful for charts and graphs. For instance, we may know that a developer has earned $10,000 from an EasyLicense partner, but we may not know which games earned them that money, or for which exact time period they earned it. Also, we are seeing a huge influx of money for mobile games that we are not able to account for in our current graphs. This is something we want to add to the charts and display accurately.