Welcome! We're very happy that you are interested in becoming a publisher at FGL.com.

A publisher account lets you view and purchase popular games.

After you sign up, you can also upgrade to a Premier account which lets you bid on publishing and/or licensing rights to never before released games in our bidding area.

Please note: In order to become a premium publisher here, we typically require you to have a game portal (or public game website) that we can view. If you don't have a gaming site but still want to license games, please let us know what your goals are.

Step 1: Account Information

NOTE: Your email address must come from the same domain as your portal website!

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

Next we need to verify your identity. Our primary method of verification is simple: just use an e-mail address from the same domain as your game site when setting up your account information above. Once we have approved your application, you may easily change your e-mail address if you desire to do so.

For example, if your portal site is YourGamePortal.com, a valid e-mail address might be YourName@YourGamePortal.com.

If for some reason you are unable to provide us with an initial e-mail address from your site, you may instead create a temporary webpage on your site and tell us the URL. This page doesn't have to be at all complicated: a simple one-line webpage that says, "Hi, FGL!" will do. Please include the URL in the box in Step 3 along with your company information.

Step 3: Tell Us About Yourself

We work carefully with our publisher to find the right deals for you. Please give us a bit of background about your company so that we can configure your publisher account appropriately!

Please tell us:

  • About your company,
  • The approximate number of visitors your site receives, or number of app installs of your published games
  • How long your company or portal has existed,
  • The types of games you sponsor/publish,
  • Your fiscal and time constraints, if any.

All of this information is strictly confidential.

Can we send you occasional offers from companies who will make you more successful? Don't worry, we will never give your email address (or any other personal info) to anybody, ever. But we might send you occasional offers on others' behalf, if we're convinced they'll make you more successful.

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