KNeo World is the games portal of Knowledge Nation Inc. - we believe that the right games used in the right way can make a significant contribution to improve learning.

We are actively seeking digital content that combines fun with educational benefit and are interested in licensing, purchasing and co-developing games, apps and e-books from developers worldwide.

Do you have a fun game with educational value? Let us know!

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What Do We Do?

Knowledge Nation accelerates learning using compelling digital media and Android/iOS apps to teach higher order skills required by children to succeed in today's knowledge-based economy - we go beyond school and beyond homework.

What is KNeo World?

Knowledge Nation hosts developers' games and Android/iOS apps on the KNeo World Portal ( with unique and fun sets of games called KNeo Packs.

What is a KNeo Pack?

A KNeo Pack is a set of games and apps, analyzed and rated by our experts for their inherent educational content and adapted to use our compelling KNeo World badges and KNeo Meter methodology.

What are the Game Requirements?

Games should be in Android, Flash, or iOS format. They need not be exclusive to our brand/site. Games should be appropriate for children ages 6-14, and should not include mature language, excessive violence, guns, or fighting.

* All games will need to incorporate the Knowledge Nation API, a copy of which will be made available to you prior to the signing of any contracts. All games will be hosted at

Contact us at,, or to submit a game or get more information!